Brahmaputra, a river on the eastern side of India. Originating from a glacier called Jima Yangsong, near Mount Kailash in Tibet, China, the Brahmaputra traverses a very long way, through India and Bangladesh. When it river crosses into the state of Arunachal Pradesh, it is called ‘Siang. From there it reaches the state of Assam from where it is called Brahmaputra. In certain areas in Assam, the river assumes an unbelievably wide course, sometimes as wide as 10 kilometers and the Brahmaputra valley is the most fertile part of the state.

Through out its course, Brahmaputra maintains it heavy flow and create a large number of islets. The largest of these islets is called Majuli. A large number of tributaries enrich the river. Some of these are Lohit, Bhareli, Suban Siri, Kameng, Manaas, Champamati, Saral, Bhanga, Saam Ghosh, Noa, Dihing, Buri Dihing, Jhansi, disang, Dikho Dhansiri etc. As it crosses into Bangladesh, it is called Jumna. It drains into the Bay of Bengal.