British India expands

The Anglo-Mysore battles (1766 – 99), and Anglo-Maratha battles (1772 – 1818) proved the superiority of the British strategies and these battles helped them to expand the territories under their control. They managed to bring under their administrative control most of the princely states of India either by direct annexation using force or by giving military supports. 

They brought Punjab also under their control in 1849. Kashmir, which was a part of Punjab was handed over to the Dogra royal family in 1850, under a covenant called the Amritsar Agreement. Along with Punjab, the North West Frontier Province, which is now under Pakistan, was also brought under them. 

And in those states where a legitimate heir apparent to the crown was not available were brought under their rule. Sattara (1848), Udaypur (1852), Jhansi (1853), Thanjore (1853), Nagpur (1854), Oudh (1856) were some of the princely states the British annexed using this excuse – that there was no legitimate heir apparent. When Tipu Sultan was defeated in 1792, they had annexed Malabar too to their territory.