Collyrium or Eye liner Fleabane, Ghee, Castor oil

One of the best beauty treatments from India with herbs for the eyes.
Eyeliner is for daily use. It has an invaluable role in enhancing the beauty of the eyes. Regular oil baths and lining of the eyes with kohl that has medicinal value is good for the care and protection of the eyes.


  • Leaves of Ash coloured fleabane
  • Ghee
  • Castor oil
Method of preparation

Crush and squeeze the juice from some leaves of the ash coloured fleabane. Soak a piece of clean white cotton cloth in the extract and then dry it, preferably in the shade. This process should be repeated at least seven times. Then dip the piece of cloth in ghee from cow’s milk or castor oil, squeeze and then char. Care must be taken to ensure that the cloth piece does not burn to ashes. The soot thus obtained should be crumbled into a soft powder by pressing between the fingers. If necessary, a little castor oil or clear ghee may be added to the soot.

Method of application

The kohl thus obtained is excellent for daily use.