Anjanam - medicinal eye liner

A major component of beauty solution for the eyes from India with herbs.


Method of preparation

Elaneer kuzhambu is a well known medicine for the eyes. Take 10 grams each of bark of tree turmeric, husk of chebulic myrobalan, Gooseberry shells, husk of belleric myrobalan and Liquorice. Wash all the ingredients, crush and then cook in a litre of tender coconut water over a low fire. When the mixture is reduced to 125 ml, strain the kashaya or extract through a piece of cloth. Put it back on a low fire and when it thickens, remove from the fire. Then add 5 grams of powdered rock salt to the thick kashaya and grind it well. Then add 3 to 4 grams of camphor and grind again. While grinding, slowly add some honey (cheruthen), little by little. The quantity of honey added should be such that the medicine is neither too thick nor too thin. The medicine may be stored in an airtight bottle. 

Method of application

Use this medicine as eye liner (anjanam). This medicinal eye liner is available at Ayurvedic medical shops.