Sects of Hinduism

In Hinduism, there are four different streams or sects such as the Shaiva, Vaishnava, Shakteya and Smarta. Thos who worship the god Shiva are Shaivites and the worshippers of Vishnu are the Vaishnavites, those of the mother goddess in different forms are the Shakteyas and those worshipping all the three gods are Smartas. Even among them there are sub-sects on the basis of theoretical differences, or difference in the styles of worship. The branches of the religion, sub-sects, and the differences in the styles of worshipping and rituals make the religion of Hinduism all the more complex. Some of these sub-sects are: kabir panthi, limgayat, aghor panth, Kashmir shaivism, tantrik branches, swami narayani etc. and Hinduism encompasses all these.