The Jews too reached India several centuries ago. It was the trade relations that the Mediterranean countries had with the Western coast of India that opened the door for their arrival in this land. Actually they were fleeing form the Roman persecution. Their centers of settlement were Kerala (Kochi and Kodungalloor in the main) and Maharashtra.  The Jewish synagogue of Kochi, renewed in 1568, is a historic monument of rare significance. Judaism found it easy to mingle with the cultural milieu of Kerala. The Jews of Maharahstra settled in the cities like Mumbai and Pune. Those who settled in villages were known as banejews. There was another set of jews known as Baghdadi jews, who came from Afghanistan, Persia and the Ottoman Empire during the British rule and settled in the then Bombay and Calcutta. By the formation of the new state of Israel, a large number of migrant jews re-migrated to their newfound motherland. But they retain their cultural relations with India in a sense of nostalgia.

There are around 2.5 million Baha’ is too in India. The enchanting ‘Lotus Temple’ of Delhi is their center of worship. There are Baha followers in Kerala too. India also shelters a number of tribal religions, though microscopic minorities.