India is the birthplace of more than four religions. The ancient most of all the religions and the philosophic systematization, the Hinduism, was born in the soil of India. Apart from Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism as well as the old Aajiivak sprouted in India

The country is also one of the spots on the planet with the most diverse religious beliefs. Christianity and Islam reached India immediately after their formation, and began to grow in reach and influence in the country. 

Despite 80 percent of Indian populace being Hindus, and despite the great influence religions have on the life of its people, India is a secular nation not just according to its constitutional obligation, but in the general life style and habits of Indian people too. 

Of its 1.1 billion people, the Hindus account for 80.46%, Islam 13.43%, Christian 2.43%, Sikh 1.87%, and the Buddhists 0.77%. The Indian religious spectrum contains Zoroastrians, Jews and Bahaiis too. Those who do not disclose their religion also live in India and their percentage is 0.07.