Gandhi’s speech at Banaras Hindu University

He reminded his audience that it was not by speeches, but by deeds that they had to serve the people. He pointed out the importance of cleanliness in private and public life and told even the holy Viswanatha temple at Benares or Banaras is full of waste and rubbish and foul-smelling dirt. 

Whether it was in the public roads, or while traveling in the trains, people throw the waste around, and spit with least consideration for the convenience of the other travelers. 

Gandhi criticized the show of opulence and lavishness in the opening ceremony itself, though the king who inaugurated was in his eloquent self, detailing the poverty and starvation in the country. 

Those who weep over the poverty immerse themselves in luxury and opulence. Gandhi was merciless in exposing this hypocrisy.  This shocked some of the eminent persons who shared the stage with him. 

He created further shock to them when he turned to the princes who sat there in all their resplendent jewels and other decorations and told that there would be no salvation for India unless these rulers and princes strip themselves of those jewellery and do something for their countrymen in India. 

The effect: many of the princes walked out of the stage! And somebody wanted Gandhi to close his speech.

On that night the police commissioner of the city prepared an order to expel Gandhi from there, but before it was executed, he had gone away, not knowing of the secret plans against him.