Gandhi meets Rajendra Prasad

Gandhi and Rajendra Prasad met only the next day. Before this meeting, Gandhi met another person, Acharya Kripalani, who was a professor in the neighboring Mussafirpur. Kripalani was later known as a Gandhian, a disciple and follower of Gandhi. 

Kripalani writes on his first meeting with Gandhi thus: When I first met him, I found him lean and emaciated. No one would notice any greatness in him at first sight. But two specialties in the man will not escape one’s attention at the first sight itself – those burning eyes and his sharp and precise words. As he speaks there is no hurry. No excited expressions.  He speaks in a relaxed vein. But no one mistake the impression that here is one person who speaks what he means and one who does what he says. He has an extra-ordinary power to attract anyone to him. I am yet to see a person of the single-mindedness, the fixity of purpose, and the thoughtfulness as I have seen in Gandhi. In my first meeting itself I have dedicated my self as a disciple.