Truth for him is not just telling lies. One should be prepared to earn the displeasure of friends and relatives for truth.

Ahimsa for him was not indulging in killing. Causing pain to others by any means is himsa, violence. So one had to desist from that too. One had to be kind.

Brahmacharya or Celibacy is not just giving up sexual relationship. Lust is the bi-product of food, drinks and conduct. So one should restrict his food habits. Food is not just for pleasure and for tasting. It is for generating the right energy for the right living.
No-stealing involves in not keeping what is more than one’s requirements too.

Non-possession also means not keeping what is more than one’s requirements and needs. Gandhi was uncompromising in these basic principles of satyagraha, which, along with the wearing of hand-woven clothes or khadi, later on came to be known as the cardinal principles of Gandhism. 

The Khadi Movement which started in the Ashram in Ahmedabad soon spread all over India and it was how the Congressmen started wearing only the trade-mark Khadi clothes.