Indigo farmers learn Satyagraha

When the planters came to know that Gandhi had arrived to inquire into the sufferings of the indigo farmers, they were angry and they asked the police chieftain to ask Gandhi to leave the district. Gandhi refused to leave. 

He was ordered to present before the magistrate’s court the next day for trial. Gandhi was not alone to go to the court. Thousands of villagers too accompanied him to the court. The magistrate became panicky and he postponed the trial for another day and Gandhi refused to furnish any bail. 

Later the case was withdrawn and Gandhi went ahead with his inquiry. He, along with his inquiry, taught the peasants to come out of fear, and the first condition of freedom is freedom from fear. 

He taught them the principles of Satyagraha. He asked for volunteers who helped to instruct the illiterate and ignorant peasants in elementary hygiene and ran schools for their children. 

This was how Gandhi moved about the villagers, in his attempt at making them fighters for the freedom of India.