Motherís Day

Date    :   May 8, 2011
Venue :  Places inhabited by the Pathare Prabhu caste in
                Bombay, the Konkan and the districts below
                Western Ghats

Mother’s Day, celebrated in many parts of the world, on the second Sunday of May, is a day to honour mothers. In India, two where motherhood has always been held in the highest esteem, this western, market-driven concept has, in recent years, gained some popularity with the well-to-do sections of society.

There are, however, some places in the country that set aside a day to honour mothers and motherhood without commercial interests. These include areas in Bombay, the Konkan and the districts below the Western Ghats inhabited by members of the Pâthâre Prabhu caste. The origin of this desi or native Mother’s Day has its roots in a legend about a mother whose children, one after the other, die after just a year of life.