Raja Ravi Varma, paintings

Many of Ravi Varma’s paintings are now available with several private collections in various towns in India. Print outs of these paintings have great demand all over the world today. There is a special wing for Ravi Varma’s paintings in the Sree Chitra Art Gallery in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Several remarkable paintings of this royal painter are collected in many museums, including the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi.

His famous puranic paintings include Swan and Damayanti, Abduction of Sita, Sita’s disappearance in the crater, Coronation of SriRama, Vishvamitra and Menaka, Birth of SriKrishna, Radha and Madhava, Arjuna and Subhadra etc. His other magnificent works include the Dancer, the Student, Sarasvati, Woman coming after her bathe, Draupati in the royal palace of Virata, Musicians of India, Here comes Dad, the Palace of Udaypur, the soldier, Lakshmi, Yasoda and Krishna, Kadambari etc. He left for the world of no paints on October 2, 1906, leaving his paintings for all of us.