Bhagat Singh

And there was another historic event of the pre independence period of India. The central assembly was in session in Delhi. Sardar Bhagat Singh, a member from an aristocratic family in the Punjab suddenly entered the hall as a flash of lightning and threw two grenades into the hall. 

Several British citizens, including Sir John Simon, chairman of the Simon Commission were there in the hall. The ear-shattering sound of the granades’ explosion reverberated in the hall. People ran helter skelter. There was no casualty, but one person sustained serious injuries. 

Bhagat Singh and some others were arrested and brought to the court for trial for conspiracy and treason. The trial was conducted in Lahore, Punjab where Bhagat singh was the leader of Naujawan Bharat Sabha, a youth organization, striving for social reforms and to fight against communalism and religious fanaticism. 

The trial, Bhagat Singh’s heroic fight in the court for their right as political prisoners, and his hanging in the end made him a legendary revolutionary figure among the youth of India.