Post - natal bath

A delivery causes trauma for the body, albeit temporary. With proper post - natal care the body can soon be brought back to normal. Traditionally oil massage baths have had an important role in this. Dhanwantharam or Bala Thailas are used for post - natal massage bath. Lukewarm medicated bath water is ideal. The oil massage must be continued for at least half an hour before bathing. For such post - natal baths called Veth baths, water boiled with herbal leaves is used. Certain herbs commonly used for this are – Vatham kolliyila (Justica gendarussa), Puliyila (Tamarind - Tamarindus indica) and Karinochiyila (Vitex negundo) Poovarasu (Birch Tree – Thespisia populana) Kurumulakila (Black Pepper – Piper nigrum).

The Veth baths start with the first bath after normal delivery and in the case of Caesarean delivery only after the removal of the stitches.