Nasya is medication through the nose. Daily Nasya can ward off premature graying, help to improve eyesight and lend a glow to the eyes as well as remove dark patches on facial skin to make it beautiful. However, Nasya should be avoided on overcast days. The ideal time for Nasya is just after sunrise, on an empty stomach and before your daily bath. Rinse out your face and mouth with lukewarm water just before administering Nasya. Lie back and put two or three drops of the Nasya medication into the nostrils and draw the breath in gently. Residual medicine or phlegm reaching the throat should be spit out.

Anu Thaila and Kumkumadi Thaila are the two usual Nasya medications. Both are renowned for their beauty enhancing properties. But it is difficult to prepare them at home. They are available at Ayurvedic medical shops.