About Teeth care

The teeth and gums too are important aspects of a person’s beauty. However most tooth pastes available today have many synthetic compounds harmful to teeth and gums. They may weaken the teeth or inflame the gums. To avoid this you can make your own tooth powder at home which will impart beauty and health to your teeth and gums.

In teeth care the following tips too are helpful :
1. Teeth get corroded by the remnants of cooked food adhering between them. Therefore make sure to clean your teeth after each meal.
2. Tooth brushes are meant for the teeth and not the gums. If they slip over the gums they many cause injuries. Take care to avoid this while brushing.
3. Do not use excessive pressure while brushing your teeth.
4. After brushing, massage your gums gently with a fingertip.
5. Ensure that there are absolutely no granules left in the tooth powder you prepare.