About Facial care

Increasing the facial beauty is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing beauty care. This is because a person’s face is the first thing that grabs attention. There are a number of face beautifying potions available in the market today. This text sets out the recipes for better facial beauty enhancing masks which you yourself can make at home.

These are meant to impart a soft sheen and attractive glow to your face. Wash your face well and towel it dry before applying the paste on. The mask can be built up to half a centimetre in thickness. Leave out the eyes and lips. As the mask dries and starts shrinking onto the face it must be wetted and removed. Afterwards fan the face and massage gently with Ayurvedic oils like Nalpamaradi coconut oil, Kumkumadi Thaila or olive oil or almond oil. Ten minutes later wipe the face clean with a soft cloth and rinse off with lukewarm water.

The changing seasons leave their mark on the body especially on the soft and thin facial skin. Therefore the applications on the face must be changed to suit the seasons. For example some materials used for winter facial application will not do for summer time.

Precautions while applying remedies on face :
1. Apply mask only during daytime. Applying soon after sunrise and just before sunset is ideal.
2. The mask should not dry out too much. As soon as the moistness is gone it should be removed.
3. Prepare a paste for each day’s requirement only.
4. The consistency of the mask may need to be changed to suit the texture of the skin.
5. Avoid facial application if you have a cold, suffer from indigestion or cannot sleep at night.

Pimples occur as a result of the physiological changes that the body undergoes during adolescence. The sebaceous glands in the skin, especially on the face become more active during this stage of growth. Pimples develop when the secretions of the sebaceous glands get blocked up for various reasons. The blocked glands swell and get bacterial infection leading to puz accumulation. While in most people adolescence passes without much pimple problem in some cases the number and size of such swellings become enormous and cause blemishes on the face. Breaking these pimples to squeeze out the puz will leave pits on the face. In rare cases, the infection in pimples forming on the sides of the nose, just below the eyes might spread into the head posing danger. Therefore the accumulation of puz in such pimples has to be kept minimal.

Apart from applying various masks on faces having pimples with excessive puz, diet control and medication may become necessary, especially for people with oily skins. It is also important to reduce the intake of fatty foods.

Karimangalyam (dark patches on face)
This is a vexing problem which occurs in women in their middle ages, especially around menopause. In some women these dark face patches occur earlier, usually around the eyes. The intensity of darkness may also increase with time. While there are face masks which are effective in removing such dark patches, it is better to do Nasya or nasal medication simultaneously with the masks. Anu Thaila or Kumkumadi Thaila are ideal for such nasal drips. Also after rinsing off the masks a light application of Nalpamaradi coconut oil is effective.