This is a process in which a paste of herbal powders in water or other suitable liquids is applied on the body and is rubbed off gently just as it dries. Udwartana with various powders is effective in reducing excessive sweating and bad body odour, in imparting softness and radiance to the body skin as well as in reducing obesity. While masks enhance the beauty of the face, Udwartana does the same for the whole body. The ancient texts set out various medicated compounds for Udwartana. However, men should not use any compound which includes turmeric powder as it will lead to hair loss.

BODY :      Body odour
                 Lustrous complexion for body
                 Strengthening of the body
                 Growth of hair
                 Losing weight

SKIN :      Stretch marks
                 Prickly heat
                 Darkness of the neck
                 Blemishes caused by eczema
                 Dry skin
                 General ailments
                 Lustrous complexion, softness
Rejuvenating treatments (Rasayanam)