About Eye care

Ensuring the health and beauty of the eyes is as important as ensuring the radiance of the facial skin. You can use either a collyrium or Anjanam for eye care. The difference between the two is that while the collyrium is for daily use, Anjanam is any medicated Ayurvedic application to the eye. The collyrium is usually a specially prepared lamp black paste. It plays an important role in enhancing the outline and beauty of the eyes. It darkens the eye lashes and eyebrows. Anjanam, on the other hand, helps to retain healthy vision, keeps the iris and whites of the eyes healthy and unblemished and also maintains the eyelids robust. Anjanam application once a week is enough for someone who suffers no other eye complications.

Anjanam should be applied before the morning bath, not afterwards. It should also be done in daylight. Occasionally physicians may direct it to be applied before sunrise or after sunset. Avoid Anjanam application if you have any redness or pain in the eyes.

Anjanam is usually applied by taking the medication on the fingertip and applying it just along the inside of the lower eyelids. Often Anjanam may cause a burning sensation in the eyes for some time. But do not rub the eyes. Once the burning sensation passes you can rinse out the eyes with boiled and cooled water.

One of the best Anjanam medications is pure honey. Cheru thane, the honey of the dwarf bees (Apis florea), is ideal. Honey has been found to be beneficial to the eyes in many ways. Apply honey to the eye and once the burning sensation recedes, rinse it off.