Climate of India, Tropical Monsoon

The climate of India is tropical monsoon type. The prevalence of monsoonal or seasonal winter system is its distinguishing character. There are four seasons in India, winter (Jan-Feb); hot weather summer (March-May); rainy south west monsoon (June-Sept) and north east monsoon (Oct-Dec).Two seasonal winds, north east monsoon (winter monsoon) and south-west monsoon (summer monsoon) affect the Indian climate. Winter monsoon blows from land to sea and summer monsoon blows from sea to land after crossing from Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. The south-west monsoon brings most of the rainfall during the year in the country. In the southern state of Kerala, tropical rainforest climate prevails, whereas along the southern parts of the eastern coast, the retreating monsoon brings rainfall in winter after picking up moisture over the Bay of Bengal. In the north western parts of the country weather disturbances brings winter rainfall. Most summer weather crops (Kharif) depend on rainfall associated with monsoon winds.




There are 10 major climatic regions in India.