Alibaug, a coastal town in Raigad district lies in the Konkan region of Maharashtra state of India. It is located 108 km from Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra. Alibaug was established by the great Maratha emperor, Shivaji. It is a favourite spot for weekend business conferences.

In the late 90’s, Alibaug started moving upward in industrial and financial charts. Rashtriya Chemicals Industry was the first industry to be set up close to Alibaug. The current list includes most renowned companies like Ispat Industries (Mittal Group), Vikram Ispat (Birla Group), GAIL and HP LPG.
Akshi beach:
This tiny fishing hamlet is located just 5 km away from Alibaug. In spite of having a number of fishermen, the place is serene, calm and peaceful. The beach here is characterized by white sands and clean, fresh sea water. Suru trees frame the perfect picture background. Since the beach here has only mild surf, tourists can indulge in swimming.

Alibaug beach:
This black sandy beach is calm and is a growing tourist spot in Alibaug. It is equipped with high platforms. Tourists can sunbathe and swim in the morning. In the evenings they can tickle their taste buds with some delicious local foods provided by snack stalls on the beach. This is the main beach of the town. Tourists can catch glimpses of Kolaba fort from here.

Kulaba fort:
The Kulaba fort is 300 years old and was constructed by Maratha emperor, Shivaji. The fort stands majestically amidst the waters of the Arabian sea, some 2 km off the shore. During low tide, visitors can hire the boats provided by the Archaeological Department and explore the fort.

The fort has a sweet water well at its centre. In front of this well, visitors can worship Lord Ganesha housed in a temple. The carvings of peacocks, tigers and elephants on the front face of the arch are very intricate. Tourists can also see various ramparts of the fort with their guns facing the sea.

Brahma Kund:
This great example of Indian architecture is perched atop a hill. Constructed in a rectangular form, the tank has steps descending to the water. According to Hindu mythology, the tank was created by Lord Brahma by using water which he had used to bathe Lord Krishna. Visitors can also worship Lord Maruthi in the temple near the tank.

Kanakeshwar forest:
Adventure lovers and nature lovers can set out for an excursion in this forest. Even though the forest is lush green in nature, due to its depth, it remains dark even during bright sunny days. Leopards, wild boars and poisonous snakes are the rightful owners of the forest. Guides are not available here and visitors can tour this forest at their own risk.

Khanderi fort:
Built in 1678, the fort was captured by the British in 1750 after many attempts. The fort stands on a small island out to sea. The lighthouse here was constructed later. The Bombay Port Trust takes care of the fort currently. With prior permission from the Port Trust, tourists can visit the fort.

Kihim beach:
This beach is not much explored. This secluded beach is a haven for nature lovers and bird watchers. The thick clumps of green coconut trees, rare floras, butterflies and birds are the inhabitants of the beach. Kihim beach is 12 km away from Alibaug beach.

Vrindavan farm:
Sprawling over 28 acres of area, this farm has a huge collection of plants. The count says 70,000 and more plants. Crotons, cacti, mango, guava, and custard apple are some of the plants grown here. It is located near the Kanakeshwar forest.

The airport nearest to Alibaug is located in Mumbai (108 km). The railhead is located in Pen which is very close to Alibaug. The roadways are also well laid in this area. Tourists can also hire ferry or catamarans from the Gateway of India and can reach Alibaug within 45 minutes.