Bordi coastal hamlet

Bordi, a coastal hamlet is just 17 km from a small town called Dahanu, in Maharashtra state, India. It is situated 145 km north of Mumbai. It is situated beside the Arabian sea. This region has a serene, virgin, beautiful landscape. The drive from Dahanu to Bordi is very scenic and it is a feast for travelers’ eyes. The region is enriched with Parsi culture and cuisine.

The beach in Bordi is spread with blackish, sticky sands. Casuarinas and Chikoo Orchards form a picturesque background for the beach. Moreover, the Bordi area has low tide, where water will never raise above waist level. So tourists can have a good time in the water. Maharashtra Woods Preservation controls and maintains the area.

Bharot Cave:
This cave is a vital spot for the Zarathushti Refugees from Iran in India, also known as Parsees. The history of this cave dates back to the second century. The refugees had consecrated an Iranian Fire temple here. This fire was kept burning, so that they will lead a secure life. Due to political threats and changes, the refugees had to take the fire and keep it safely in Bharot caves.

This cave is a special place for Parsees. There are also many Hindu and Jain temples near the cave. This cave is a must in anyone’s tour itinerary of Bordi.

This is closer to Dahanu. Here tourists must visit the Mecca of Zoroastrians, where the sacred fire has been kept alight for more than a thousands years.

Tourists can also visit the Santoshi Mata Mandir and Mahalakshmi temple, which is located near Bordi.

The nearest airport is 145 km away in Mumbai. Railhead in Gholwad (2 km) is the nearest one for Bordi. Bordi also has well laid motorways connecting it with major parts of India.