Murud spectacular beach island

Murud beach is located 165 km from Mumbai on the west coast of India. It stretches along the Arabian sea. This erstwhile capital of former Janjira state is located in Raigad district. Long ago, the inhabitants of this small fishing village were Africans, called Siddis. These Siddis were brought here by slave traders. Murud is 60 km away from Alibaug.

Murud Beach:
This white sandy beach with crystal clear green water is an ideal place for beach holidays. It is backdropped by casuarina trees, betel palm trees and lush green hillocks.

Datta Mandir:
This temple is perched atop a hillock. The 300 year old shrine is constructed using red stones. Trekkers can have good time climbing up this strenuous hill. Swami Bramhendra built this temple and dedicated it to Shri Datta. From here visitors can gaze upon the sea. It is very close to Murud.

Janjira Fort:
This 17th century fort is renowned for not having been conquered even by the mighty conquerors of India which included, the British and the Portuguese. The fort with 40 ft high walls houses the remnants of palaces, mosques, a bath and a sweet and cool water well amidst the surrounding salty sea water.

This oval shaped fort took nearly 22 years to build and sprawls across 22 acres of land, in the Arabian sea. This fort is the major attraction of Murud beach. It is three km offshore from the Murud beach. Ferry boats can be hired to reach the fort.

This fort built by Sambhaji, son of great emperor Shivaji, is also offshore from Murud. It is very close to Janjira sea fort. It is flanked by sea water on all sides. It was constructed over nine acres of land in the middle of the sea. This fort was mainly built to conquer the mighty Janjira fort but in vain. The fort was later demolished into three parts. Tourists can’t access this fort. However, they can take a boat ride and watch it from the boat itself.

Carambi Dharan:
Four km away from Murud beach, lies this beautiful and scenic spot. This is the major reservoir for Murud’s water supply. This place is ideal for picnicking.

Sidhi Vinayak Temple:
This famous Hindu pilgrimage place is located eight km from Murud. The sanctum sanctorum houses Lord Ganapathi.

This place is also well known for its serene, green atmosphere. It is a perfect getaway spot from the frenetic life of the city. It is just four km from Murud.

The nearest airport is 140 km away from Murud in Mumbai. Roha railway station (122 km) is the nearest railhead to Murud. It also has well laid roads.