Parwanoo, small town of Himachal Pradesh surrounded by tourism spots

Parwanoo is a vivacious town located in Himachal Pradesh, India. Parwanoo was once a small town with not much of activities but now it has emerged as an energetic town filled with varied industrial activities.

Parwanoo is situated along the National Highway (NH) 22. It has an elevation of 470 meters above the sea level. As soon as you cross the state boundary of Haryana, you enter the charming state of Himachal Pradesh, where the beautiful, calm town called Parwanoo is situated. 

Charismatic tourism locations in Parwanoo are Renuka lake, the Gurkha fort at Subathu, the scenic Dagshai town, Kasauli hill station and the pretty Pinjore gardens. An advantage of Parwanoo is that it offers a convenient base station facilitating the tourists to journey to the spectacular tourist locations in and around it. The ideal time to visit all these tourist spots would be from July to September.

Parwanoo also has emerged as an eminent industrial area where numerous factories are located. In the factories products like spare parts of motors, small components of watches, plastic items and a variety of fruit based goods are manufactured.

A chief alluring site of Parwanoo is the delightful and largest lake of Himachal, the Renuka lake. It is situated 132 kms from Parwanoo. This lake has a circumference of 2½ kms (approx.). This lake is nourished by underground springs. It has the outline of a reclining woman and is considered as the personification of the Goddess Renuka.

Subathu is a cantonment, situated 16 kms from Parwanoo. It has the remains of the famous Gurkha fort. Dagshai is a pretty town located 28 kms from Parwanoo. It is surrounded by tall deodar and pine trees adding color and beauty. An ancient British era church located here is of artistic structure and design.

Pinjore is a tremendous location 10 kms from Parwanoo. It is a beautiful site offering a delightful feast for the eyes with mughal style gardens. Kasauli is a pretty hill station situated 37 kms from Parwanoo. The Monkey point at this hill station offers you a picturesque view of the surroundings.

Chandigarh is situated just 22 kms from Parwanoo. It is the nearest airhead. Kalka railway station is the nearest broad gauge railhead 4 kms from Parwanoo. The journey from Chandigarh and Kalka to Parwanoo by hired taxis and buses would be very pleasant.