Hill town Sangla valley

Sangla valley is a town located in the districts of Kinnaur in the north Indian state, Himachal Pradesh. It is sited at an elevation of 8,900 feet. This majestic Sangla valley is located on the right bank of the river Baspa, 17 kms from Karcham.

This energetic town has derived its name after the village named Sangla, an elegant place filled with scenic beauty. In Tibetan language, ‘sang’ means light and ‘la’ means pass i.e., “pass of light”, once you cross the beautiful mountains, you would suddenly see the emerging sunlight that is reflected in the scenic surroundings, making it more attractive and soothing. This unique treasure of India is also called as the Baspa valley, since the river Baspa flows through this region.

This exotic destination is situated amidst the fruit orchards and densely forested hills wrapped with oak, pine and deodar trees. It is considered as the most charming valley in the whole of Asia. This majestic town is also known for its delicious red apples, still a challenge for their taste with that of the apples planted in other locations. October is the harvest season for the delicious apples of this region.

The Batseri village with elegant wooden architecture lies in the Baspa valley reflecting its valuable customs and traditions. This village is known for its houses, built of wood, exhibiting an excellent wooden craftsmanship. It is also famous for handicraft items like hand woven shawls of sparkling colors and Kinnauri caps.

The journey all the way from Karcham to this picturesque site is a captivating and a daring one. This elegant valley commences its graceful path 57 kms from a location called Kalpa. Kalpa is a village that offers a majestic sight of the Kinnaur Kailash peak. This village is eminent for its Chilgoza plantation too.

Various majestic locations in and around this impressive valley attracts numerous tourists every year. Attractive tourist spots like the Naga temple, Rackchham, Kamru fort, Kilba and Sapni makes Sangla valley a beautiful destination to spend your vacation. Kinnaur Kailash is a peak towering over this mesmerizing valley with a height of 2,700 meters above the sea-level. This peak is situated on the banks of the Baspa River.

The Kamru fort is one of the main attractive tourist spots. This has now been restructured as the Kamakshi Devi temple, which is of religious eminence. On the third floor of this arrangement, Goddess Kamakshi Devi’s idol is installed. At the temple-fort’s main gate, a huge statue of Lord Buddha is stationed adding distinction to the spot.

Near this fort, a Buddhist monastery and the Naga temple in honor of the God Jagas are situated. The Fulaich fair is conducted between August and September. This colorful fair attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Very ancient monasteries still exist at the adjacent locations. Both the hindus and the Buddhists here live in perfect harmony symbolizing the traditional brotherhood of India.

A Trout Farm has been set up by the state Department of the Fisheries. Other major attractions here are the Saffron Farm (on the outskirts of Sangla) and a Tibetan wood carving centre that would entice you to visit the place again.  

The trekking path (20kms up the Baspa valley) that begins at Baspa connecting the scenic villages of Kamru and Rakcham leading to Chitkul is the most preferred and stunning trekking route.

The path is bordered with chilgoza orchards, royal apple trees, cherry and pine nut trees, making the trekking experience a delightful one. If you would like to experiment on the adventurous sport of para gliding, this valley is the ideal location. Six kms from Baspa valley is the Banjara camp offering you an excellent option to relax and enjoy the soothing climate.

The Shimka, Borsu and Kimlay passes head us to the prominent Har Ki Doon valley. The trail over the Lamkahga pass leads us down to the Harsil peak (altitude: 2,620 meters) near Gangotri, which is situated on the banks of the river Bhagirathi.

To reach Baspa valley the exotic holiday destination (Himachal Pradesh) by air, Chandigarh and Shimla (238kms from the Baspa valley) are the two airheads. To go by rail, Shimla, Shoghi and Kalka are the nearest railheads. To travel by road, Shimla, Ambala, Chandigarh, Kalka, New Delhi and Narkanda are the roads that lead to Sangla.

Are you the one, interested in spending your vacation in a destination of beauty coupled with adventure and blended cultures and traditions? Sangla of Himachal Pradesh, India is the right location to suit your passion.