Morni hills, a place for nature lovers and adventure sports enthusiasts

Are you a person fond of nature? Are you the one who loves trekking? Here is the best place suited to your passion, the Morni Hill. Morni is a village and the only hill station situated in the state of Haryana in India. This village is also known as Bhoj Jabial, Panchkula district. This village is located on the Morni hill. This hill is an extension of the Shivalik range with an altitude of 1,220 meters above the sea level. The Morni hill has been named after the Queen Morni, who is said to have ruled this region.

Morni is an exotic location for sightseeing, rock climbing, trekking and other adventure sports. The hill and its slopes are fully covered with greenery. It’s a peaceful and a lively place for the species living there and is also known as the Bird Watcher’s Paradise. Here birds like the Crested Kingfisher, Blue Peafowl, Bar-tailed Tree creeper, Wall creeper, Kalij Pheasant, Quails, Grey Francolin, Black Francolin, Himalayan Bulbul, Red Jungle fowl and Oriental Turtle Dove and animals like Langur, Jackals, Hyenas, Hare, Neelgai, Wild Boar, Kakad (the Barking Deer), Sambar and Leopards can be seen.

Close to the Morni hill, there exists an old ruined fort that would create interest in you. Near this fort, the Mountain Quail tourist complex has been constructed and is maintained by Haryana Tourism.

The Haryana government has also developed the hill resort to facilitate the tourists. The government has laid roads connecting Morni hill with Haryana state highway near Panchkula, to help visitors have a smooth ride to Morni hill. Forest tourist huts, rest houses like Lal Munia and a PWD rest house have been built for the convenience of visitors and trekkers.
The Morni hill divides a lake into two and has a hidden channel underneath which helps in maintaining the water level of the lakes the same, around the year. Both the lakes are considered to be very sacred. Many religious ceremonies are performed in these lakes by the inhabitants. On the banks of a lake, is a small temple, which has a Trimurti idol belonging to the twelfth century. A few years ago, this place was said to have had a Shiv Mandir also.

To make the trip more adventurous and explorative, you should visit the main city of Panchkula. The famous Mughal Garden of the seventeenth century is a feast for the eyes of those who visit Pinjore. This garden is also called as the Yadavindra gardens. In Pinjore another garden to visit is the Cactus garden. This garden is the largest landscaped succulents and Cacti garden in the whole of Asia.

On the banks of the river Ghaggar, the Mansa Devi Mandir of the 18th century and the Gurudwara Nada Sahib are two unique places, which one should not miss. The river banks of Ghaggar are a very good picnic spot with unpolluted air and water, offering a serene environment. The ideal season to visit Morni hill would be between September and March.

The Morni hill is only 5 hrs from Delhi and 45 kms from Chandigarh. If mountain travel is your hobby, Himachal Pradesh is nearby. The sceneries all the way to Morni is no less beautiful than Morni hill. The climate in Morni hill is salubrious. Fascinating varieties of flora and fauna present a memorable vacation. Slopes covered with trees like Ritha, Neem, Pipal, Sal, Jamun, Amaltas, Mango, Jacaranda and Pine crowned hill tops present a delightful sight. 

Above all, Morni hill is unpolluted and presents a wide range of attractions to all who love nature, birds, animals, lakes, gardens and hills to add fun from trekking, mountaineering and rock climbing to simple travel over mountains.