One of the greatest kingdoms in South India was the Vijayanagara that stood strong and well-known from the 14th century to the 17th. Two brothers, Harihara and Bukkaraya were credited with the founding of the empire in 1336. 

The empire is known after its capital, Vijayanagara, the remanants of which are there in Hampi as a stony memorial to its bygone era of glory. The empire existed till 1660 when it was jointly attacked by a coterie of Sultans, which it could not survive. 

Many European travelers were impressed by the empire’s greatness and they have praised it vociferously in their writings. The golden age of this empire spreading over a vast area comprising today’s Andhra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, was the golden age of the languages of Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Sanskrit as well as that of philosophy. 

It was during this period that the Karnataka music was systematized in its present style. Jainism and Hinduism too received great patronage and both the religions progressed considerably.