Textile industry occupies the pride of place in India’s industrial enterprises. This field contributes 4 % of gross domestic product and 14 % of industrial product. This sector has a workforce of 30.5 million. An impressive rate of growth has been registered by automobile industry too. India manufacture in 2004-5 a total of  960505 cars, 2,49,149 multi-utility vehicles, 3,50,033 commercial vehicles, 62,26,547 two-wheelers, and 3,74,414 three-wheelers. India occupies 9th place in the production of raw steel, and the 1st place in the production of sponge iron. In the production of chemicals, India has 3rd Rank in Asia and 12th in the world. Wealthy in mineral deposits, India is at the 3rd spot, after the USA and China in coal production. The Indian software industry is among the top ranking software industries worldwide.